AW Systems is a web engineering firm with a strong focus on usability. We help organizations elegantly solve complex business problems using web and mobile technologies.


We engineer, build and support websites, web applications, intranets, portals and mobile apps that help our clients more effectively communicate and interact with their customers, employees, and business partners.

We specialize in:

  • Solution Design (Consulting)
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Usability Design and Testing
  • Content Management Systems
  • Collaboration Servers
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Business Process Automation
  • Integrations and single sign-ons
  • Measurement and Analytics

We help organizations figure out WHAT to build in the first place, to best solve their business problems given their budget, schedule and technology constraints. It’s an optimization challenge, and we call it our Solution Design process.

We are usability consultants – with expertise in both user experience design and usability testing.

We are engineers. We design and build rock solid, well-architected, extensible, and maintainable web and mobile solutions.

We are masters at integrations and single sign-ons, at making different websites, servers and services feel like one, integrated, easy to navigate solution.

We have an arsenal of Tools and Products that we’ve honed over the years (and that we can adapt as needed) that allow us to deliver tremendous value without a lot of custom development.

We like to partner with our clients for the long haul and help them maintain and evolve their solutions over time as their needs, our tools and the internet as a whole all continue to evolve.

We have a 12 year, proven track record of delivering successful solutions on time and within budget and many happy, long-term clients we can put you in touch with.


37% of all IT projects fail.

The most commonly cited reasons are the results of insufficient up-front planning and analysis.

Our Solution Design process – our mature, systematic approach to uncovering our client’s needs and designing the best possible solution given their budget, schedule and technical constraints – helps us ensure our projects are always successful.

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We are very fortunate to work with many great companies and organizations across a diverse set of industries.

United Technologies
Habitat for Humanity
Time Warner Cable
Abbott: A Promise for Life
Turner: Building the Future
Bloomber Law
Lexis Nexis
Sotheby's Institute of Art
BrookHaven National Laboratory
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

These logos represent just a selection of our clients. Please Contact Us if you’re interested in viewing our full credentials presentation.

We built Turner Construction’s public website using SharePoint and SlamCMS. It provides a fully faceted and locally “flavored” search of their project portfolio with all project data (including images and HTML descriptions) managed in SAP.

We built Habitat’s award winning global extranet/intranet, their main mechanism for communicating and interacting with their employees and affiliates across the world. We also built their Gifts in Kind “shopping” platform, that connects affiliates with millions of dollars a year of donated goods.

AWS was responsible for the user experience design and the overall project management / technical integration across three vendors for oneworld’s “round the world” booking system. We also built and monitor a business intelligence hub to track performance and unexpected errors across three different platforms.

AW Systems built the tools that help BNL manage the technical, financial and personnel reporting across the 44 U.S. institutions contributing to the world’s largest particle physics experiment, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Providing as much “human engineering” as technical engineering, we helped PartnerRe go from an intranet where each region managed their own intranet to a centralized, personalized “one PartnreRe” that allows the site to be global and local at the same time.

Founded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with SPARC (Sickness Prevention Achieved through Regional Collaboration), the Vote & Vax website features a by zip-code clinic finder and the tools/partner integrations to keep the data current. This solution allows voters to easily get vaccinated creating healthier communities

Our high standards demand the finest tools, so if we can’t find it, we build it. Below are some of the our frameworks that we make available to our clients and our peers in the developer community.

AWS Sharepoint Video

AWS SharePoint Video allows you to manage videos in SharePoint like you would manage any content - including respecting SharePoint's item level permissions - but uses Amazon’s web services for the video storage, transcoding and secure streaming.

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oPass is a powerful user and organization management system that allows for easy registration via an email domain verification process or Single Sign On (OAuth, SAML, REST API). Participating organization administrators manage their own users and permissions instead of relying on your people to do that work.

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Curated Search

Curated Search provides an almost magical predictive search autocomplete tool in which the terms that show up when a user starts typing can be highly customized and actively “curated” by administrators. You can create synonym sets, and certain search results can be mapped directly to specific pages or to display featured content on the search results page.

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Pulsus is an easy to use and very useful logging library. We developed it so that when an applications encounter an error or something that might be an error, they can tell us immediately and with as much detail about what happened as possible.

Slam Sharepoint

SharePoint List Association Manager (SLAM!) is our popular open-source SharePoint plugin that allows for powerful querying and reporting on SharePoint data. SLAM allows developers to easily “SLAM” (synchronize) SharePoint data to SQL, including mapping look-ups to relationships.

Slam CMS

SlamCMS is our open source, powerful and flexible content management system built on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation, ASP.NET MVC and SLAM! Requires no special licensing (not even SharePoint licenses.) and removes all restrictions in terms of your look and feel.

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