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Small business? Think big with AW Systems

Posted by Alistair Wandesforde November 19, 2008

For a small business that's looking to expand, building a solid IT infrastructure is key. By partnering with AW Systems, you gain all the knowledge, support, and expertise of a Chief Technology Officer and a staff of support technicians without the expense of creating an in-house department.

CASE IN POINT: Herrick Guest Suites
When Herrick Guest Suites contacted AWS, they employed a handful of people, managed 10 luxury properties, and processed all their reservations by hand. In less than a year, they have doubled their staff and guest residences. Their phenomenal growth is a direct result of their commitment to putting the right IT tools in place.

AWS researched and deployed a central reservations system; implemented and managed suite technology for guests and staff; set up home offices complete with laptops and printers; rolled out Blackberries to key employees; established a centralized email system; and developed the HGS website using a Windows SharePoint-based content management system.

Set your business up for success
To learn more about the HGS project or to explore how AW Systems can help your small business grow, call Alistair Wandesforde at 212.246.9700, ext. 502.